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How can Hypnosis help? 

Hypnosis can help with a variety of problems including:




Eating disorders


Irritable bowel syndrome

Psychological problems


Confidence issues





Obsessive compulsive disorder

Performance anxiety

Weight loss

In fact the list is almost endless so no wonder the practise has been around for thousands of 

years and continues to be used where other methods have failed.

There are many myths surrounding hypnosis, which unfortunately prevent some people from using it. These include:

1:  Hypnosis is a mysterious magic power -there is nothing supernatural or magical about             hypnosis

2:  Only weak willed and unintelligent people can be hypnotised- the opposite is true. The           stronger the will and the more intelligent the easier it is for the subject to enter into a             trance

3:  You will get stuck in a hypnotised state - Hypnosis is a safe and natural therapy and no             matter how deep a trance the subject is in it's impossible to stay there - even if they want       to!

4:  You can be made to do anything against your will - people who are hypnotised will only           act in a way that is congruent with their morals and values. 

5:  Hypnosis will cause you to reveal your deepest secrets - Hypnosis is not a truth drug and 

      people in a hypnotic state will always know what they are saying.

6:  When you're in a trance you are unaware of anything - there are a number of different             sensations experienced by people in a trance but the one thing that applies to everyone is       that they are aware of everything.

7.   Hypnosis can cure anything - unfortunately hypnosis cannot cure anything but what it            does do is allow you to tap into your own power to heal, manage pain and eliminate                  negative habits.

8.   Hypnosis is dangerous and should only be used by specially trained physicians -                          Hypnosis is a tool of communication it is not medicine so while many physicians use                hypnosis in pain control as some psychiatrists may combine hypnosis with                                    psychotherapy you do not have to be a trained physician in order to practice hypnosis.

I hope I have managed to dispel some of your fears about hypnosis and that you will come and see for yourself what a powerful experience it can be. I offer a comfortable, safe environment and invite you to come along for an initial meeting with me to help you decide if hypnotherapy is right for you. This is free and places you under no obligation whatsoever, so go ahead and book an appointment now.

Depending on the problem and how deep rooted it is two or three sessions may be required but many people can be helped in just one session.

My charges are £40 for a session.

You will be required to provide some medical history and I am afraid I cannot treat people that suffer from epileptic fits or convulsions.

Book your free initial telephone consultation today.

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Julie Holmes Life Therapist

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