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Hello, I'm Julie

It may have seemed an odd thing to say but when my form mistress told me all those years ago that she was glad that it was my shoes that were stolen she meant it in the nicest possible way. She went on to explain that the reason she was glad was because she knew that I would understand and would not make judgement against the girl who had stolen them. She may well have been handling the situation with supreme diplomacy but she was right, I didn't judge but went on to become firm friends with the girl in question - who as it turned out had serious issues at home. And in case you're wondering, I got my shoes back or the outcome may have been a bit different - I am only human after all!


This is just one example of how I have dealt with people and situations throughout my life. I am sure I have often been considered soft or even stupid, but I can't change my firm belief that there is generally a reason behind our behaviour. So after taking early retirement from HM Revenue & Customs I decided to do something that I considered more worthwhile. "Not that early" I hear you say, "not judging by that photo!" And of course you're right but I left early enough to still have the energy and commitment to do something other than potter about the garden or make a day out of doing the weekly food shop! Now was my chance to actually do something that I  feel very passionate about -  to do something that would actually make a difference to others.

I hate to think of people suffering needlessly and I know that mental anguish can be even more debilitating than physical pain but the signs aren't always so obvious. It's not always easy to rid ourselves of problems from the past or thoughts and feelings that keep recurring and going round in a big loop. They're not helpful, in fact they very often prevent you from being the person you want to be but they keep popping up and will continue to do so until you have dealt with them. This is where I can help.


I have always been genuinely interested in other people and their problems. At work I would get into trouble as I was often more interested in the person in front of me than their tax affairs. I actually wanted to discuss my colleagues problems with them and would actively encourage that discussion where others would avoid it. You may call me nosy and I'm sure many have but I have always had a deep rooted desire to make a difference. So after many years of doing it anyway I decided to make it official and got myself some qualifications, which you can see at the bottom of this page.

You will notice that I have not confined my knowledge to one area of expertise. The reason for this is simple. People often ask me what is the difference between counselling and coaching and I would say that in a nutshell counselling allows you to solve problems whereas coaching helps you to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. Sometimes you have to do one before you can achieve the other, but that isn't always apparent from the outset. So I decided to provide what I would describe as an all inclusive service, which I hope you will find most beneficial 


After obtaining my qualifications (and there are still some that I'm working on) I wasn't sure what to call myself - after all Counsellor, Life Coach and Hypnotherapist is a bit of a mouthful so I invented the title of Life Therapist. If anyone was expecting aromatherapy or a massage I hope you're not too disappointed! There are many ways that I can work with you to achieve the life you want and deserve and I very much look forward to meeting you.


Diploma in Counselling Blackford Centre - Distinction

Diploma in Counselling Level 4 - ABC awards

Diploma in Coaching Blackford Centre - Distinction

Diploma in Coaching Level 4 - ABC awards

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Certificate of attainment - Excel with Business

Hypnotherapy Certificate of attainment - Auspicium

Hypnotherapy Certificate of achievement Blackford Centre - Distinction

Diploma in Hypnotherapy Level 4 - ABC awards

Diploma in Mindfulness based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Advanced - Distinction

Master Coach Certification

NLP Practitioner Certification - American Union of NLP

Life Coach Certification - American Union of NLP

BSc Psychology with Mental health

Lincolnshire Volunteers certificate

Safeguarding Adults certificate

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Julie Holmes Life Therapist

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