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Do you have a dream?

Do you have a dream that you somehow haven't managed to fulfill?

Or maybe you're stuck and don't know which path to follow.

Perhaps life just isn't delivering the goods and you're not sure how to change that.

Something isn't right but you can't seem to get it right.

Sound familiar? If so you've come to the right place. I've been there, I know how it feels-

and the good news is I also know how to help.

As a Life Coach I can offer:

            Private Life coaching

            Seminars & Workshops



I cover many areas including:

Relationship problems

Career choices

Family issues

Money problems

Work/life balance

Health and body

Emotional eating/Weight issues

Communication issues

Lack of self confidence

Do your thoughts & emotions prevent you from getting the most out of your life? Is life passing you
by while you wait for the 'right conditions' to be happy? Don't wait to be happy. Choose to be happy


I can work with you to find your strengths and assets. Together we can discover your motivation and

the enthusiasm to believe in yourself and your goals so that they become a reality. The process will be

a truly transformational experience that you will take with you for life.

Anyone who knows me will know that I am very passionate about maintaining a healthy weight and

for this reason I particularly specialise in helping my clients to lose weight and maintain a healthy

lifestyle. I offer a six week course during which we will explore your eating habits and what is preventing

you from allowing yourself to be fit and healthy. Each week I will give you different tasks to perform to

change not only your eating habits but your whole view on life. You will become a more positive

healthy person, full of self confidence.  I will coach you to live your life differently so that you lose

weight and stay slim for ever. Six sessions would normally cost £40 a week but as I am offering a set

six week course this is available for a one off charge of £200 for the six weeks, payable in advance. You

may prefer to come with some friends, in which case I can offer a group session for up to four people

for £175 each. Sound good? Phone or email me now for a free introductory 30 minute session. You'll

be glad you did.


I can also deliver workshops at your place of work that are tailored to meet your requirements. So

if you are an employer and your staff are experiencing stress or management issues I can help you

to get the best out of your team. 

I offer all day events  or shorter workshops  lasting 2-3 hours. All prices are discussed and agreed

depending on your requirements and the number of people attending. 

I can also help you get rid of phobias and unwanted fears. This can normally be done in one session.

Imagine that - your phobia wiped out in less than one hour!

My charges for life coaching are £40 for a 50 minute session. 

As with counselling I offer a free initial consultation. So please go ahead and pick up the

phone or email me. You'll be glad you did.

I believe in you and I think it's time you did too.

"I was stuck in a dead end job but Julie

helped me to see where my future lay. I am

now happier and more fulfilled than I have been for years"

"Having been overweight since the birth of 

my first child I had accepted that I would

never be a size 10 again but thanks to Julie

I am delighted to say that I am proud of my

new figure - and just in time for my son's 



Julie sized 2.jpg

Julie Holmes Life Therapist

Schedule Free Consultation

Telephone: 01522 702128 / 07791009878

Hello & welcome. I will get back to you as soon as possible

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